Judi Silvano - Vocalise

Judi Silvano - Vocalise
Release Date:
Vocal Jazz, Vocalese, Opera
Recording Location:
Power Station, New York, NY
Recording Date:
January 15, 1996 - April 13, 1996

Although Judi Silvano shows that she can sing words beautifully, the emphasis on this adventurous set (her debut as a leader) is on her wordless vocalizing. With the assistance of guitarist Vic Juris, bassist Drew Gress, drummer Bob Meyer, and sometimes her husband Joe Lovano (on tenor and, on one tune, drums), trumpeter Dave Ballou and Oscar Noriega on bass clarinet and alto, Silvano contantly challenges herself on melodies by Billy Strayhorn ("Daydream"), Thelonious Monk, Charles Mingus ("Weird Nightmare"), Duke Ellington, four of her originals, and even pieces by Rachmaninoff, Ravel and Charles Ives. The treatments range from almost standard ballads to collective improvisations, and all in all, this is an impressive effort.

Vocalise / Sergey RachmaninovJudi Silvano2:30
Day Dream / Duke Ellington / John Latouche / Billy StrayhornJudi Silvano4:35
Bass Space / Judi SilvanoJudi Silvano6:20
Thanks for You / Bernie Hanighen / Marvin WrightJudi Silvano4:01
Looking Back (Reflections) / Jon Hendricks / Thelonious MonkJudi Silvano5:05
Heuchera Americana / Judi SilvanoJudi Silvano9:16
Weird Nightmare / Charles MingusJudi Silvano3:15
It's So Amazing / Judi SilvanoJudi Silvano4:44
Pavane / Maurice RavelJudi Silvano3:50
All Too Soon / Duke Ellington / Carl SigmanJudi Silvano4:13
At Home (Sweet Home) / Judi SilvanoJudi Silvano8:34
Serenity / Charles IvesJudi Silvano2:49
Vocalise II / Sergey RachmaninovJudi Silvano3:29