Bizzy Bone - Bizzy Bone Presents: Best of Collabo's

Bizzy Bone - Bizzy Bone Presents: Best of Collabo's
Release Date:
October 8, 2013
Gangsta Rap, Midwest Rap
Bizzy Bone Presents: Best of Collabo's

Bizzy Bone fans are hardly starved for product, but by rounding up some off-album cuts, Bizzy Bone Presents: Best of Collabo's does serve a purpose. Here, Bizzy's features for other artists are collected, meaning fans don't have to purchase a YBE album to cop "Somebody Can Die." That said, the collection flows as well as expected (not well) with genres and styles shifting in almost every track, with the biggest curveball being "Dance Floor," an EDM-fueled team-up with M-Deuce. Collectors only.

Somebody Can DieBizzy Bone feat: YBE4:23
H.M.B. (Handel My Bizznezz) / Bizzy Bone / K-Law / Enertia McFlyBizzy Bone feat: K-Law4:32
All My Life / Bizzy Bone / Mr. Capone-E / Mr. CriminalBizzy Bone feat: Mr. Capone-E / Mr. Criminal4:11
Model of a SoulJah / Bizzy Bone / Brandon "Cyrano Esq." TatumBizzy Bone feat: Brandon "Cyrano Esq." Tatum3:28
That Nigga Gone / Bizzy Bone / A.C. Killer / Mrz. Loco / Q-LocoBizzy Bone feat: A.C. Killer / Mrz. Loco / Q-Loco5:15
Get High / Bizzy Bone / Malow Mac / Miss Lady PinksBizzy Bone feat: Malow Mac / Miss Lady Pinks4:24
Put It Down / Bizzy Bone / Kray! / Lil RobBizzy Bone feat: Kray! / Lil Rob / Andrea Wood5:03
Dance Floor / Miciah Massey "M-Deuce"Bizzy Bone feat: M.-Deuce3:54
Take Ova / Bizzy Bone / Mrz. LocoBizzy Bone feat: Mrz. Loco3:35
Monsta / Bizzy Bone / Yung MonstaBizzy Bone feat: Yung Monsta2:31
Police / Bizzy Bone / Q-LocoBizzy Bone feat: Q-Loco4:02
Warrior / Bizzy Bone / Krayzie Bone / A.C. KillerBizzy Bone feat: Krayzie Bone / A.C. Killer4:07
Revelation / Bizzy Bone / Lyrix / Russell ScarlettBizzy Bone feat: Lyrix / Russell Scarlett5:53
Here We Go / Bizzy Bone / Q-LocoBizzy Bone feat: Q-Loco3:58
Gangsta / Bryon McCane / J. Nicholson / L. Williams / R. WilliamsBizzy Bone feat: Lost Cause / Low Dirty4:47
Heavenly / Bizzy Bone / Sevin / Eric C the Tempa TantrumBizzy Bone feat: Sevin / Eric C the Tempa Tantrum4:23
.45 Flow / Bizzy Bone / Sheldon "Young Wiz" TrujilloBizzy Bone feat: Young Wiz4:24