Lalo Schifrin - Rush Hour [Original Score]

Lalo Schifrin - Rush Hour [Original Score]
Release Date:
October 13, 1998
Bop, Film Music, Original Score, Soundtracks, Urban, Contemporary Pop/Rock
Recording Location:
Fox Newman Scoring Stage
Rush Hour [Original Score]

Director Brett Ratner's idea seems to have been to update and comment on the martial arts classic Enter the Dragon with Rush Hour, and in hiring Lalo Schifrin, who scored the earlier film, he took a big step toward achieving his goal. Schifrin, whose dramatic, jazzy scores for film and television were dominant in the late 1960s and early '70s, but who has been less prominent since, takes up the challenge of writing a score as bold and dramatic as his earlier ones, and the effects are as powerful here as in the Dirty Harry films, Enter the Dragon, and Mission: Impossible. Sudden shifts from his patented funk-for-orchestra style to Asian motifs, quick rhythms, and blaring horn themes all suggest Schifrin's characteristic approach. If he is almost parodying himself by doing all this in an action-comedy film starring Jackie Chan, the echoes of his earlier music help the movie work, and they are enjoyable on disc.

Rush Hour (Main Title) / Lalo SchifrinLalo Schifrin2:02
Fight at the Harbor / Lalo SchifrinLalo Schifrin1:20
Soo Yung's Theme / Lalo SchifrinLalo Schifrin3:17
Soo Yung's Abduction / Lalo SchifrinLalo Schifrin0:55
Lee Arrives in L.A. / Lalo SchifrinLalo Schifrin1:29
Jumping the Bus / Lalo SchifrinLalo Schifrin2:07
Won Ton for Two / Lalo SchifrinLalo Schifrin1:50
Explosive Situation / Lalo SchifrinLalo Schifrin1:19
Lee at the Mansion / Lalo SchifrinLalo Schifrin2:18
Restaurant Poison / Lalo SchifrinLalo Schifrin2:15
Battle at Juntao's / Lalo SchifrinLalo Schifrin2:20
Greasy Egg Rolls / Lalo SchifrinLalo Schifrin0:56
Chasing Sang / Lalo SchifrinLalo Schifrin2:36
$50 Million Ransom / Lalo SchifrinLalo Schifrin1:51
On Juntao's Heels / Lalo SchifrinLalo Schifrin4:09
Asian Art Convention / Lalo SchifrinLalo Schifrin1:48
Lee's Sadness / Lalo SchifrinLalo Schifrin1:47
High Tension / Lalo SchifrinLalo Schifrin2:29
Sweet and Sour / Lalo SchifrinLalo Schifrin2:09
Chinese Street Music / Lalo SchifrinLalo Schifrin2:03
Carter Chases Clive / Lalo SchifrinLalo Schifrin1:32
The British Menace / Lalo SchifrinLalo Schifrin1:26
Rush Hour (End Titles) / Lalo SchifrinLalo Schifrin3:24