Silver Jews - The Arizona Record

Silver Jews - The Arizona Record
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Alternative Pop/Rock, Alternative/Indie Rock, Indie Rock
The Arizona Record

The Arizona Record expands on the appealingly disheveled feel of the Silver Jews' first EP. This time around, Bob Nastanovich drums, but the band keeps the answering machine-fidelity of their recordings.

"I Love the Rights" and "Jackson Nightz" feature competitive duets between Berman and Malkmus, while "West S" and "The War in Apartment 1812" have the sunny, sprawling feel that warmed the Jews' -- and Pavement's -- future recordings. "Welcome to the House of the Bats" captures the group's random, off-hand sense of humor, and "Bar Scene From Star Wars" uses a four-track for a slightly smoother sound. Tape hiss has rarely sounded so enjoyable.

Secret Knowledge of BackroadsSilver Jews3:29
I Love the RightsSilver Jews4:45
Jackson NightzSilver Jews1:50
The War in Apartment 1812Silver Jews2:03
West SSilver Jews3:06
You Can't Trust It to RemainSilver Jews0:45
The Wild PalmsSilver Jews3:23
Welcome to the House of the BatsSilver Jews2:08
Bar Scene from Star WarsSilver Jews3:01