Merzbow - Dolphin Sonar

Merzbow - Dolphin Sonar
Release Date:
August 26, 2008
Noise, Experimental
Recording Location:
Bedroom, Tokyo, Japan
Dolphin Sonar
Recording Date:
December, 2007 - January, 2008

Merzbow mastermind Masami Akita has long immersed himself in animal rights causes, and DOLPHIN SONAR, the latest in a long line of animal-themed releases, is a three-track protest against the annual slaughter of those highly evolved sea mammals. The music is suitably terrifying: harsh, siren-like repeated noises that replicate the sound of a terrified school of dolphins chased through the water. Merzbow deliberately makes it impossible for the listener to get comfortable.

Crashes, smashed glass, static, and blasts of discordant beats all conspire to create a free-form chaos of fear. A strong statement sometimes demands a harsh sound so it can be heard.

Dolphin Sonar, Pt. 1 / Masami AkitaMerzbow24:04
Dolphin Sonar, Pt. 2 / Masami AkitaMerzbow20:54
Dolphin Sonar, Pt. 3 / Masami AkitaMerzbow18:58