Holly Hofmann - Live at Athenaeum Jazz, Vol. 2

Holly Hofmann - Live at Athenaeum Jazz, Vol. 2
Release Date:
March 20, 2007
Recording Location:
Athenaeum Music & Arts Library, La Jolla, CA
Live at Athenaeum Jazz, Vol. 2
Recording Date:
August, 2006

A number of jazz spouses have worked together on record dates over the decades, though it is still a relatively infrequent occurrence. But flutist Holly Hofmann, a perennial critic's favorite, found a true soul mate in pianist Mike Wofford, as they demonstrate throughout this enjoyable duo concert recorded at the Athenaeum Music & Arts Library in southern California. On this occasion, Hofmann makes her recorded debut playing alto flute on three selections, a reflective "More Than You Know," a risk-taking romp through two infrequently performed Thelonious Monk works ("Intropection" and "Eronel"), and a driving take of the standard "If I Should Lose You" that has a humorous air. Hofmann contributed two originals: "Free Day" is a haunting melody inspired by a fragment from American classical composer Samuel Barber's Adagio for Strings, while "Presentimiento" is a dark, sensuous bossa nova. Wofford wrote the quirky "Floof" for his wife, a demanding chart that is full of sudden twists and turns. Pete Malinverni's "Twelve," full of the playful dissonance and unexpected chords heard in the music of the late Herbie Nichols, is negotiated flawlessly by both Hofmann and Wofford. This intimate concert was recorded acoustically without amplification on the flutes, giving the listener an unforgettable experience similar to those who were able to attend this memorable evening of jazz.

More Than You Know / Vincent YoumansHolly Hofmann feat: Mike Wofford7:16
Floof / Mike WoffordHolly Hofmann feat: Mike Wofford6:16
Introspection/Eronel / Thelonious MonkHolly Hofmann feat: Mike Wofford5:19
No Mercy / Glenn CashmanHolly Hofmann feat: Mike Wofford5:31
Twelve / Pete MalinverniHolly Hofmann feat: Mike Wofford4:41
Free Day (For Samuel Barber) / Holly HofmannHolly Hofmann feat: Mike Wofford4:27
Out of This World / Harold ArlenHolly Hofmann feat: Mike Wofford5:02
If I Should Lose You / Ralph Rainger / Leo RobinHolly Hofmann feat: Mike Wofford6:08
Presentimiento / Holly HofmannHolly Hofmann feat: Mike Wofford4:31
Exactly Like You / Jimmy McHughHolly Hofmann feat: Mike Wofford4:46