Todster - Irritating Noises, Vol. 1: Annoying Sounds

Todster - Irritating Noises, Vol. 1: Annoying Sounds
Irritating Noises, Vol. 1: Annoying Sounds
Light Constant Hammering on MetalTodster2:39
Dog BarkingTodster0:23
Knocking on the Door: Finger Knocks on the Door Constantly and UnsuccessfullyTodster1:16
Doorbell: Keep Ringing the DoorbellTodster0:47
Squeaking Bed Frame: Sound of Sexual IntercourseTodster1:23
Light Jet of Water: PeeingTodster0:56
Freighttrain: Squeaking and MovingTodster1:50
Chainsaw Stihl: Sound of Sawing WoodTodster3:57
Cars Passing by Racing on a HighwayTodster1:11
Flushing the Loo: Several Times with Sound of RefillTodster1:33
Light Hammering: Contant Annoying NoiseTodster1:07
Freighttrain: Squeaking and Moving Long 2Todster0:38
Hammering in the Neighbourhood: Sound of a Hammer Driving Nails into the WoodTodster1:13
Bicycle Bell with Dog Barking: Sound of a Bike BellTodster0:44
Ambulance New York: Sound of Sirene of an Emergency Car in the Street CanyonTodster0:51
Clatter: Sound of RattlingTodster0:58
Sound of a Window: Opening and Closing a WindowTodster0:14
Hefty Strokes: ConsecutivelyTodster0:17
Rocking Chair on a Squeaking PlankTodster0:30
Squeaking Window: Constantly Annoying NoiseTodster0:53
A Door Clatters: Sound of a Constantly Fast Clattering DoorTodster1:37
Door Clattering Irregularly: Extremly Bugging SoundTodster1:40
Door Slamming: Sound of Slamming a DoorTodster0:02
Waterdrops in the Sink: Regular Contant NoiseTodster1:14
Waterboiler: Switching On: Water CookingTodster1:19
Opening Water Tap: Sound of Water Running and RunningTodster1:22
Water Tap: Opening and ClosingTodster0:10
Waterdrops in Water Glass: Extremly Nerving Sound After a WhileTodster0:43
Knocking on the Door: Intense Sound of Doorknocking with Hello HelloTodster0:48
Dryer: Sound of a Dryer Constantly RunningTodster1:32
Dryer: Sound of Switching On - Running - Checking - RunningTodster1:15
Smothie Maker: Sound of Switching on and Running ConstantlyTodster0:27
Smoothi Maker: Sound of Switching On - Switching OffTodster0:03
Stupid Spiteful LaughTodster0:10
Gagging With Bar Reflex and CaughingTodster0:25
Caughing: Hefty Dry CaughTodster0:19
Snoring: Hefty Sound of Snoring With Breathing AirTodster1:44
Hammering on a Piano: Random Plunking on a KeyboardTodster0:45
Rain: Contstant Pattering Sound: RainingTodster3:42
Rusting Plastic: Sound of RustlingTodster0:46
Traffic Jam on the Highway: Sound With Open WindowTodster3:58
Subway Passing by LoudlyTodster0:23
Putting Down a Cup Loudly on a Glass Surface and Picking It UpTodster0:28
Crows Croaking: Sound of Screaming Crows in the NeighbourhoodTodster0:37
Scratch on a Metal SurfaceTodster0:34
Interieur Noise in a Car: On a Highway - ClatteringTodster1:12
Interieur Noise in a Car: Squeaking Soles on the PedalsTodster0:40
Squeaking - Pushing - SqueakingTodster0:48
Noise of Tools Clattering, Scraping, KnockingTodster0:27
Clock Ticking: Sound of a Constantly Ticking WatchTodster0:29
Water Spray Cleaner: Constant NoiseTodster1:09
Water Spray Cleaner and Dog BarkingTodster0:43
Door: Sound of Unlocking and Locking a DoorTodster0:14
Waterdrops in a Water Glass Constant Noise: PloppTodster1:06
Cellphone Vibration: Sound of Smartphone Vibrating Constantly Being CalledTodster1:14
Cellphone Message Long: Sound of Smarthphone Vibrating Recieving a MessageTodster0:02
Cellphone Message Double: Sound of Smarthphone Vibrating Recieving a MessageTodster0:02
Ship's Horn Long: Sound of a Steamer Blowing for DepartureTodster0:24
Vacuum Cleaner: Hoover Noise Switching On and HooveringTodster2:48
Vacuum Cleaner: Hoover Noise Switching On and OffTodster0:09
Taxi in Ho Chi Min Citiy: Traffic, Hoot, Cellphone, ChaosTodster0:49