Lead Belly - The Legend of Leadbelly: Goodnight Irene

Lead Belly - The Legend of Leadbelly: Goodnight Irene
Release Date:
July 27, 2010
Acoustic Blues, Country Blues, Field Recordings, Folk Revival, Folk-Blues, Folksongs, Songster
The Legend of Leadbelly: Goodnight Irene

Leadbelly was a living, breathing musical history lesson, able to sing almost any type of folk or blues song imaginable, and he also sang folk-gospel pieces, fiddle tunes, children’s rhymes, and work songs as well as penning (usually by shifting new words to old melodies) several bona fide classics like “Good Night Irene,” which have become folk songs by more than compositional pedigree. There are countless collections of Leadbelly on the market, and this one isn’t a whole lot different, which isn’t really a problem, since with Leadbelly you get Leadbelly, and four of his signature standards, “Goodnight Irene,” “The Gallis Pole,” “The Bourgeois Blues,” and “Bring Me a L'il Water Silvy” are here.

Goodnight IreneLead Belly2:35
Looky Looky Yonder/Black Betty/Yellow Women's DoorbellsLead Belly3:08
Poor Howard/Green CornLead Belly3:25
De Kabl BluesLead Belly3:07
The Gallis PoleLead Belly3:11
The Boureois BluesLead Belly3:26
Noted RiderLead Belly1:29
Big Fat WomanLead Belly1:20
Borrow Love and GoLead Belly1:15
Bring Me Li'l Water SilvyLead Belly0:49
Julie Ann JohnsonLead Belly0:40
Line 'EmLead Belly0:56
Whoa, Back, Buck!Lead Belly1:25
John HardyLead Belly4:15