Paul Brill - Sisters

Paul Brill - Sisters
Release Date:
April, 2003
Alternative/Indie Rock, Indie Rock, Indie Pop, Alternative Country-Rock, Chamber Pop, Experimental Rock
Recording Location:
Tin Pan Alley, New York, NY
Recording Date:
August, 2002

Paul Brill's second long-player leans more into chamber pop than his debut, Halve the Light, and while his nods to alt-country are fewer, they occasionally tumble out over beds of strings, horns, accordions, and inventive percussion. Opening with the aggressive caper, "Begin at the End," a fiddle erupts over an alternating bass, foot-stomps, and handclaps (or are they knee-slaps?) to foreshadow the dark intensity consistently revisited through the 11-track adventure. Tracks like "Barefoot in the Snow," "Favorite Thing," and "Westering" provide a platform for Brill's considerable pop awareness comparable to the likes of Michael Penn, Neil Finn, or even an acoustic Built to Spill.

That is not to say Brill evokes identical characteristics as these artists.

His vision merely flirts with similar melodic construction while maintaining an ambitiousness and confidence very much his own. Lyrically, Brill cleverly pours out imagery in tightly wound phrases, ardent and, at times, disturbing phrases that, like the musical nature of Sisters, seem toiled over and placed very carefully into a specific order for perfect consumption.

Brill has pulled this off remarkably well; the production, instead of feeling overworked, is uninhibited and vigorous, and the subtlety of the arrangements unfolds with subsequent listening, proving the steadfast attention to detail that went into the creation of the encompassing ambience was a successfully clever venture.

Begin at the End / Paul BrillPaul Brill3:14
Barefoot in the Snow / Paul BrillPaul Brill3:23
Macon / Paul BrillPaul Brill4:07
Skylight / Paul BrillPaul Brill3:21
Favorite Thing / Paul Brill / Chris Mars / Bob Stinson / Tommy Stinson / Paul WesterbergPaul Brill4:42
Spit and Spite / Paul BrillPaul Brill4:37
Westering / Paul BrillPaul Brill3:04
For the Sake of Marjorie Ruth / Paul BrillPaul Brill3:47
Blue Blanket / Paul BrillPaul Brill4:46
Something to Get Along / Paul BrillPaul Brill4:54
Two Stars / Paul BrillPaul Brill4:25