Original Casts - Grass Harp/Lola

Original Casts - Grass Harp/Lola
Release Date:
January 1, 1995
Grass Harp/Lola
Dropsy Cure WeatherCarol Brice / Barbara Cook / Russ Thacker4:21
FlooziesRuss Thacker2:28
Big RichMax Showalter2:00
If There's Love EnoughCarol Brice2:32
Yellow DrumCarol Brice / Barbara Cook / Russ Thacker3:35
Marry With MeCarol Brice3:16
Chain of Love / Kenward Elmslie / Claibe RichardsonBarbara Cook3:06
This One DayRuss Thacker1:32
Babylove Miracle ShowCarol Brice / Barbara Cook / Karen Morrow / Russ Thacker12:28
Indian BluesCarol Brice2:15
What Do I Do Now?Ruth Ford2:53
Reach OutCarol Brice / Barbara Cook / Karen Morrow / Russ Thacker2:58
Finale: Yellow Drum1:42
One and Only Person in the WorldMax Showalter3:09
Mirrors and Shadows / Bruce Coughlin / Kenward Elmslie / Bruce Pomahac / Claibe RichardsonDavid Carroll / Judy Kaye3:47
Uncrowned Queen of Californi-Ay / Kenward Elmslie / Claibe RichardsonJack Dabdoub24:54
Staring / Kenward Elmslie / Claibe RichardsonChristine Andreas / Judy Kaye2:45
Down Under / Kenward Elmslie / Claibe RichardsonDavid Carroll / Judy Kaye4:36
Beauty Secrets / Kenward Elmslie / Claibe RichardsonBarbara Cook2:28