Elvis Costello - Riot Act '83

Elvis Costello - Riot Act '83
Release Date:
Alternative/Indie Rock, College Rock, Contemporary Pop/Rock, New Wave, Punk/New Wave, Rock & Roll
Recording Location:
Apollo Theatre, London, England [live]; FC Erwin Center, Univ. of Texas, Austin, TX; Hammersmith Palace, London, England [live]
Riot Act '83

A bootleg of a BBC Radio broadcast from October 17, 1983, this CD features the group on tour supporting the Punch the Clock album, with Afrodiziak and the TKO Horns providing backup. The arrangements remain as punchy (no pun intended) as those on the album, but more interesting is the addition of horns and backing vocals to such Get Happy!! era songs as "Possession," receiving the kind of Motown spirit in which they were written. Costello's voice is a bit hoarse and dodgy at points, but the energy is all there. The CD fills up the remaining space with two extra live tracks: "Psycho" from a London gig, June 1, 1981, and a medley of the O'Jays's "Backstabbers" with Costello's own "King Horse" from an Austin, Texas concert, September 7, 1983.

Let Them All Talk / Elvis CostelloElvis Costello3:29
Possession / Elvis CostelloElvis Costello2:29
Watch Your Step / Elvis CostelloElvis Costello3:32
The Greatest Thing / Elvis CostelloElvis Costello3:17
Man Out of Time / Elvis CostelloElvis Costello4:24
Shabby Doll / Elvis CostelloElvis Costello4:41
From Head to Toe / Smokey RobinsonElvis Costello2:40
Charm School / Elvis CostelloElvis Costello3:28
Oliver's Army / Elvis CostelloElvis Costello3:07
Shipbuilding / Elvis Costello / Clive LangerElvis Costello4:34
The World and His Wife / Elvis CostelloElvis Costello3:01
Alison / Elvis CostelloElvis Costello3:46
Clowntime Is Over / Elvis CostelloElvis Costello5:54
Everyday I Write the Book / Elvis CostelloElvis Costello4:02
Tko (Boxing Day) / Elvis CostelloElvis Costello3:27
Psycho / Leon PayneElvis Costello4:06
Backstabbers/King Horse / Elvis CostelloElvis Costello4:45