Electric Six - Dance Commander

Electric Six - Dance Commander
Release Date:
November 25, 2003
Alternative/Indie Rock, Indie Rock, Dance-Rock, Garage Punk
Dance Commander

Releasing "Dance Commander" as the second single from their debut record, Fire, seems like the obvious choice for Detroit's premier disco-garage-metal jesters, Electric Six. The song is the kissing cousin to the group's hit, "Danger! High Voltage," with the same wild energy and knuckleheaded charm.

Dick Valentine even shouts "Fire" at one point just to drive the similarities home. The "Soulchild Remix" smooths out the song's rough edges and turns it into a slick dance track. It isn't the most imaginative remix, but it was a clever idea to add military drums the first time Valentine sings the chorus about being a commander and giving orders. The new song on the EP, "I Am Detroit," is a goofy new wave rocker with silly synth trills, harmony leads, typically funny lyrics, and a preening vocal from Valentine. Not an essential release by any means, but fans of the group might find it entertaining.

Dance Commander / Tyler SpencerElectric Six2:40
I Am Detroit / Tyler SpencerElectric Six3:16
Dance Commander / Tyler SpencerElectric Six7:04