Bleu - Headroom

Bleu - Headroom
Release Date:
October 10, 2000
Alternative/Indie Rock, Indie Rock
Recording Location:
Room 9 From Outer Space, South Boston, MA

The indie rock-flavored and electronic-laced Headroom is a pretty nice debut album from Boston's Bleu. Particular mention must be given to Ducky Carlisle (Susan Tedeschi) for the production and engineering, which are extremely clean and accomplished for a debut indie album. Though some of the drum tracks fall close to the standard indie rock realm, they are still appropriate to the album's overall musical puzzle. Bleu's voice is particularly strong and full of emotion, and demonstrates considerable diversity. Headroom includes electronic music elements without overdoing it or falling into the trap of trendy rockers pushing to update themselves. The lyrics are occasionally campy, but can also be catchy and fun or emotionally revealing. Particular track highlights include "It's Not Over," "Searching for Satellites," and "That's Life." Headroom might not be popular on the commercial airwaves or MTV anytime soon, but it still deserves a listen.

Workaday Day / BleuBleu3:37
Feet Don't Fail / BleuBleu4:49
Save You from Yourself / BleuBleu5:06
It's Not Over / BleuBleu3:44
Watchin' You Sleep / BleuBleu4:38
That's Life / BleuBleu2:42
Watchin You Sleep / BleuBleu3:32
The Waiter / BleuBleu3:01
Terrible Secret / BleuBleu4:32
Tremold / BleuBleu4:20
Shit Stained Moon / BleuBleu3:35
Call Girl / BleuBleu4:45
3's a Charm / BleuBleu21:28