Ziroq - Ziroq

Ziroq - Ziroq
Release Date:
May 22, 2001
Flamenco, Western European Traditions, Worldbeat
Recording Location:
Blue Light Studios, Woodland Hills, CA
Recording Date:
December, 2000 - January, 2001

Ziroq is a band like no other--influenced by Led Zeppelin as much as Peter Gabriel, by flamenco music and Mexican pop as well as North African sounds, they shape a sultry fusion of rock, smooth-voiced pop, and world music, adding a sultry Mediterranean feel.

Ziroq's music is heartily recommended for those cultural gatecrashers who want their "exotica" to be real and to rock.

Tierra del Sur / Marcus Nand / Carmine RojasZiroq3:47
Que Pena / Marcus Nand / Carmine RojasZiroq3:31
Ziroq / Marcus Nand / Carmine RojasZiroq4:23
Closer to Me / Phil CollenZiroq3:23
Contando Cacahuetes / Tony PhillipsZiroq4:33
Voices / Marcus Nand / Guillermo Pascual / Carmine RojasZiroq4:52
Pobre Corazon / Marcus Nand / Carmine RojasZiroq5:14
Reina / D. Harvey / Marcus Nand / Carmine RojasZiroq3:47
Prisionero / Marcus Nand / Carmine RojasZiroq4:31
Patio del Moro / Marcus Nand / Carmine RojasZiroq3:55
Nomad / Marcus Nand / Carmine Rojas / Phil SoussanZiroq4:34
Cerca de Mi / Marcus Nand / Carmine RojasZiroq3:21